Billions Of Dollars Are Stolen Every Year From Creators Just Like You —Don’t Become Another Statistic

As a creator, you’re vulnerable to your work being stolen, copied and replicated.

In fact, with 5+ billion people online —it’s never been easier for digital thieves to profit off your work. Each day, their methods get more advanced with creators like you paying the price.

Whether it’s videos, music, software, e-books, membership or any type of online content being illegally used —the consequences include:

Illegal Profiting.

It takes just minutes for someone to set up a domain name, website or social media replicating your name and profiting off your work.

Copyright Theft.

Millions of fake accounts are being created using your creative (and personal) assets with followers thinking it’s your work.

Lost Prospects, Sales & Fans.

The end result means your hard work goes to waste as you lose precious prospects, sales and fans that you’ve worked years to build.

Lookalike Services.

Creatives are having their work duplicated and sold to unassuming prospects who end up paying only to never receive anything.

Damaged Reputation.

It takes one bad experience for someone who believes they’re interacting with your work to ruin your reputation.

And guess what?
It’s not just commercially successful creators —it includes anyone who publishes work online.

Until now.

Protect your creative work from theft 24/7 without
wasting your time, money and energy
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We protect all kinds of media

DMCAForce protects authors, musicians, publishers, online performers, software developers, film makers, models, YouTube personalities, entertainers and designers 

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How DMCAForce protects you

We know your content

Using unique algorithms we create a digital fingerprint of your content. Our technology will identify your work, even if it’s used only in part. We protect you against wholesale copying, and just “borrowing” too.

We never stop scanning

Our servers are constantly spidering the web looking for unauthorized uses of your protected content. If someone on the other side of the Earth infringes on your intellectual property, we’ll know.

We're DMCA takedown experts

The rules for DMCA takedowns have become increasingly complex. We’re well versed in all the “how to’s” for contacting servers, administrators and social networks to have your content  removed quickly and efficiently.

Stop Worrying About Your Work Being Stolen
Your Creative Work Is Vulnerable 24/7…Until Now.

Using DMCAForce is like having a 24/7, always on digital security
force in your back pocket, including:


  • Less Hassle. More
    Creative Freedom

As a designer, musician, filmmaker, model, author —the last thing want to spend your precious energy on is ensuring your work get stolen. Instead of wasting time, DMCAForce does it all so can focus on doing what you love: more creating.


  • Peace Of Mind Of
    24/7 Protection

Our servers are constantly spidering the web looking for unauthorized uses of your protected content. If someone on the other side of the Earth infringes on your intellectual property, we’ll handle it.


  • We Do The Heavy

Managing the endless ways your content can be used fraudulently can be a part-time gig in itself of wasted time, energy, and money. Instead, we take care of all the heavy lifting for you. The way it should be.


  • Cutting Edge

In an ever-changing digital landscape, today’s tactics are gone tomorrow. With the use of advanced technology, we help you and your content stay ahead of the curve —as we update our algorithms.


  • Personalized To
    Your Content

Our unique algorithms create a digital fingerprint of your content which allows our technology to identify work, even if it’s used in part. We protect you against wholesale copying, and just “borrowing” too.


  • Put Your Money
    Where It Belongs

Your content isn’t simply copied or stolen, it’s often used and sold. Which means you’re missing out on sales and profit that is rightfully yours. Instead, make sure it goes back where it belongs: your bank account.

Hi, I’m Mark Bauman.

And there’s one thing I love more than anything on the planet: bringing ideas to life through visual art and graphic design. To be honest, I never thought much about my work being stolen.

It always felt like one of those irrational fears and trying to protect it was like buying additional insurance I’d never need. Sure, I’d heard of it here and there. But I was

As my career grew, I was blessed to work with bigger brands.
Until one morning, when a colleague emailed me a snapshot they’d found online —and it looked exactly like some of my prior design work.

At that moment, my heart sank. I did multiple double takes to make sure it was mine, even though it was obvious. And that’s when I realized years of work had been stolen and claimed by someone else.

But that’s not all.
They were actively marketing, selling, and profiting off my work.
There were multiple Facebook pages where they’d promote apparel that had my designs under a business pseudonym I’d never heard of. To be honest, I never thought it’d happen to a smaller artist like me.
Not knowing anything about how to prevent this from happening, I dropped everything and was consumed with trying to fix the problem. I asked people I trusted what to do about it —but they had no answers.

Fighting theft, fraud and copyright can be a waste of
time and money you don’t have.

And what I realized was quite simple
—it takes a lot of time, energy and resources you don’t have to protect yourself.

Personally, I spent over 6 months of my life chasing down this fraudulent company and had to do most of the work myself. Instead of bringing my work out into the world and getting paid —I was stuck in my Inbox and talking to pricey lawyers.

Which is no surprise that I had my lowest sales during this time, because the fact is:

Fighting theft, fraud and copyright issues can turn into a huge mess.

And most creators, even commercially successful ones —simply don’t have the resources or technology to identify, track down and use legal assistance to protect their work from bad players.

Which is why I knew there had to be a better way.

DMCAForce was built for creators, by creators.

Along the way, I’ve met countless creatives with similar stories who were ripped off by strangers who were using their designs, soundtracks, private videos, courses, books and the list goes on.
And that’s when I chose to do something about it by launching DMCAForce in 2009—built for, by creators with one simple mission:

To give creatives the power back by using cutting-edge technology that stays ahead of ever-changing theft, infringement, and fraud so they focus on what matters: Sharing their creative work to the world without stress and hassle.So, who do we work with?

Anyone who creates online, including authors, musicians, publishers, online performers, software developers, film makers, models, YouTube personalities, entertainers and designers.

Today, I’m proud to say that DMCAForce has filed thousands of DMCA takedown notices against hosting companies, social networks, and corporations who illegally make use of protected intellectual property.

Best of all:
We’ve given the freedom of peace of mind back to creators like you for a tiny fraction of the cost and none of the time of doing it yourself.

As our customers say:
Using DMCAForce it’s like having a 24/7 creative bodyguard in your back pocket.
And we’d love to do the same for you.

So we’ve put together a one-time where you’ll get 2 months free when you sign up today.

Mark Bauman

Founder and Owner, DMCAForce

P.S. Remember: when you try us today —you’ve got nothing to lose.
You’ll get full access to DMCAForce from the moment you enroll, with a personal dashboard to keep you up to date.
However, this special offer won’t last so don’t wait and claim it now.

Less Hassle. More Creative Freedom.
Introducing DMCAForce —Ultimate Protection For Creators

Our mission is simple: to protect your content from digital thieves by using the full force of the law against them, including:

  • Your Own Personal Dashboard
  • Advanced Analytics & Data Tools
  • Daily Scans Of Your Brand Or Name
  • DMCA Takedown Automatic Removal
  • Bulk DMCA & Google Removal
  • Source & Google Takedowns
  • Protection Incident Assurance
  • Investigative Services
  • Breach Monitoring

Sign up today and get two months free
—no questions asked. Here’s exactly what you get
when you claim your special offer today:


Per Month*

Number of Copyrights Monitored:
Up to 25

Copyrights Types:
Images, Videos, Books, Music, Software.

Piracy Review Schedule:
2x Weekly review

Monthly Infringement Notifications

  • Automated monitoring of over 8,000+ piracy sites
  • De-listing submissions to search engines like Google
  • Human review and analysis for pinpoint accuracy
  • Notifications to piracy sites
  • Escalated notifications to hosts, registrars, or ISPSs
  • Summary Report notifications to Ad Networks
  • Your own personal dashboard to monitor progress
  • 100% transparency
  • Submit your own links
    And most importantly: the peace of mind that comes when you know your hard work is being monitored and protected.

You missed out!

Our Happy Clients

I am extremely impressed with you guys as you are thorough and very professional.  I will return the favor recommending you whenever I get the chance.

MISS Katie  | CEO

DMCAForce, you are my hero. Thank you so much, you have helped remove so much piracy for me and keep people from stealing my content.

Korina KOVA

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this for exactly?

If you’re a creator who shares, sells, and distributes their work online, this is for you —including authors, musicians, publishers, performers, developers, filmmakers, models, influencers and every type of creator.

I’m a small creator. Do I really need this?

Yes! Some of the most common theft, fraud and copying comes from up-and-coming creators who are unaware their work is being used. It’s recommended no matter where you find yourself in your career.

Can’t I do this myself?

Not quite. Even if you could, monitoring theft, fraud and piracy can feel like a full-time job that takes you away from getting paid for your work. We work with creatives who don’t want to waste their own time, money and energy trying to protect themselves online for a fraction of the cost it takes to do it themselves.

How do I claim my 2 free months and what happens next?

Enroll in our Tier 2 plan you’ll get your next two months free —which means you’re getting 3 months for only $100. After that, you’ll stay on $100/mo with the flexibility to cancel or pause anytime.

How are payments made and how do I pause or cancel?

Simple: we invoice once a month via email on the 15th or 30th of each month. We accept checks, paypal, and credit cards. To pay via credit card, please fill out this form and send it to accounting AT To cancel, please use our cancellation form. To cancel, we require a 30 day notice to terminate service as outlined in our Customer Agreements.

Do I have to review every URL myself?

Not at all! That’s why we’re here: DMCA Force provides a full service solution. We have a client manager who is assigned to your account and is familiar with your work. They review the URLS our system identifies and authorizes the takedowns to be sent to the search engines, site owners, hosts, registrars, and even advertisers as necessary..

Can I send my own URLs to your team for review?

Yes, the best way to submit URLS to us is by logging into the client dashboard and clicking on the tab on the top right to “SUBMIT URLS”. You can copy and paste either one or several URLS for them to be automatically submitted to us.

Can I still claim two months free at a later date?

No, this is a one-time special offer for your eyes only. Once the timer below expires, it’ll no longer be available. However, you can still sign up and enroll with our normal pricing —which is still a steal given you’re being protected 24/7.

How long does it take to see results?

We recommend at least 3 months. Although we get started immediately and many piracy sites react quickly to our takedowns, an overall review of the results is best after we have had time to escalate notices to hosts and registrars. This also gives us time to tweak our search patterns and add in specific piracy sites that may be impacting a client specifically. Some of our clients even mention seeing their sales and revenues increase after about 45 days with our service.

Your peace of mind, 100% guaranteed.

At DMCAForce, we care about one thing: the peace of mind that comes when you know your work is being protected.

Which is why our services come with a simple guarantee: if you’re not seeing the benefits of the service —we’ll give you a full refund.

Your two month offer expires soon —claim it today!
You’re a click away from saving $200 and protecting yourself.


You missed out!

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