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Book Your Meeting During Affiliate Summit

Here at DMCAForce, we are all about protecting your content. We oversee and manage millions of DMCA takedowns per year. We have more than 1M takedowns per month on average, and service over 1k clients. Copyright protection is our game, and DMCA Force handling is our name.

This coming week, the DMCAForce team will be flying out to Las Vegas to attend trade shows like ASW. This year, we’re excited to meet with our partners on our new Youtube royalties monetization program and DMCA handling platform.

We’ll be hosting a late night party with digital fingerprinting company DigiRegs and advertising company, TrafficHaus. Hosted at our after hours party at the Lenny Kravitz suite at the Sahara hotel on Sunday January 26th from 11pm (RSVP right here). (And a special private party the following night)

If you are not able to make it, let’s schedule a time to discuss your products, your piracy, how you are monetizing or not monetizing your piracy traffic, and how to better protect yourself. If you’re interested in learning how we can help increase your bottom line this year and how we can collaborate, simply visit BOOK ME to easily schedule a meeting with the team.
If you’re a content creator, I would love to connect and discuss how we can help you. Feel free to schedule a meeting or shoot us an email to connect!

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