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1. How is your pricing structured?”

Our pricing is structured based on the number of infringements and the level of complexity involved in human verification of the infringements. For these reasons, we offer a complimentary evaluation report. Complexity around verification can happen when a product or title is too common of a word or has been used by other copyright holders. We establish ignore patterns to minimize this and modify our search algorithms, but nonetheless, the level of human analysis can vary from copyright holder to copyright holder. We do have some clients priced as low as $65 per month.

2. How will I be billed? How do I pay? How do I cancel?”

We invoice once a month via e-mail. You will receive your invoice either on the 15th or the 30th of each month depending on your billing cycle. We accept check, paypal, and credit card. To pay via credit card, please fill out this form and send to accounting AT dmcaforce.com.  To cancel, please use our cancellation form.  Please note, that we require 30 day notice to terminate service as outlined in our Customer Agreements.

3. After I sign up, do I have to review URLS or send my own takedown notices?”

No, DMCA Force provides a full service solution. We have a client manager who is assigned to your account and is familiar with your work. They review the URLS our system identifies and authorizes the takedowns to be sent to the search engines, site owners, hosts, registrars, and even advertisers as necessary..

4. If I find piracy URLS, can I send them to you?”

Yes, the best way to submit URLS to us is by logging into the client dashboard and click on the tab on the top right to “SUBMIT URLS”. You can copy and paste either one or several URLS for them to be automatically submitted to us.

5. How do you distinguish between piracy infringements and legitimate sites?”

We only monitor sites that are known to have piracy. We do not just do general search engine searches looking for your work. This reduces the chances of legitimate sites being sent DMCA Notices. In the cases where a site is known to have a mix of unauthorized and authorized work like YouTube or Scribd, the infringements are flagged for additional visual review by our staff.

Unfortunately, no. Some sites, especially torrent sites, are unresponsive to DMCA Notices and utilize hosts who also are unresponsive. However, we do escalate our notifications and after long term notifications, these sites are often forced to lose their domains. With the most accessible types of piracy which are from tubes and cyberlockers, removals are typically around 99% or higher.

6. How long does it take to see results?”

We recommend a period of 3 months. Although we work immediately and many piracy sites react quickly to our takedowns, an overall review of the results is best after we have had time to escalate notices to hosts and registrars. This also gives us time to tweak our search patterns and add in specific piracy sites that may be impacting a client specifically. Some of our clients even mention seeing their sales and revenues increase after about 45 days with our service.

7. I keep seeing links in the search engines offering my products for free. How come they are still there?”

We’d be happy to review any URL for infringements. In some cases there are sites that rank highly in the search engines and reference a product, but do not actually have a copy nor point to a copy of the product. These are often “scam” sites that require a user to get a membership by entering their credit card information or are an automated search page that leads to zero results. We can send DMCA notices to these sites in the event that they do contain images of the work.  Other methods for search engine removal can be done based on use of auto-generated search results and DMCAForce, please contact us for a quote.

8. I see sites that have been notified, but they still have the content live. What happens next?

“DMCAForce escalates second notifications to hosts, registrars, and even internet payment processors if applicable. In some cases, sites are non-responsive, but after months of escalations action usually occurs by the hosts or payment processors. We also send monthly reports to the advertisers our system finds on these piracy sites.

9. What is the Google Transparency Report?”

This is a public report published by Google that displays the copyright removal requests they receive.