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DMCAForce protects authors, musicians, publishers, online
performers, software developers, film makers, models,
YouTube personalities, entertainers and designers.

  • AI DMCA Scanning/Takedown Automation
  • Bulk DMCA & Google Removal
  • 24/7 Human Analysis / Support
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We know your content

Using unique algorithms we create a digital fingerprint of your content. Our technology will identify your work, even if it’s used only in part. We protect you against wholesale copying, and just “borrowing” too.

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We never stop scanning

Our servers are constantly spidering the web looking for unauthorized uses of your protected content. If someone on the other side of the Earth infringes on your intellectual property, we’ll know.


We're DMCA takedown experts

The rules for DMCA takedowns have become increasingly complex. We’re well versed in all the “how to’s” for contacting servers, administrators and social networks to have your content removed quickly and efficiently.

Are you a content creator?

As a content creator, your work is always at risk of being stolen. Whether someone illegally downloads your photo or video, or screen records it from their phone, stealing content from creators like you has never been easier.

Luckily, DMCA Force is here to help. Our mission is to protect your content from thieves by using the full force of the law against them.

What do we offer?

  • Source and Google takedowns
  • Protection Incident assistance
  • Investigative services
  • Breach monitoring
  • Bulk DMCA & Google Removal
  • Model Protection
  • FREE Evaluations!
  • Providing Analytics and Data Tools
  • Conduct daily scans of the internet for your brand or name
  • DMCA Takedown Notice Automation
  • Onlyfans & fan sites
  • 24/7 Human Analysis / Support

We get stuff done






Search Engine



Digital Fingerprinting

Interested in Digital Fingerprinting?

Whether you have thousands of individual pieces of content that need protecting or a single piece of content. Ask about our Digital Fingerprinting technology; AVForce We provide the most advanced technology in the world for:

  • Extracting DNA of Audio and Video content (we call FingerPrints)
  • Identifying Duplicate Content
  • Identifying Match Cases across the Globe
  • Providing Analytics and Data Tools
  • Establishing Royalty Rights or Advertising Revenue
  • Removal from Websites and Search Engines programmatically

Contact us to discuss your digital assets today, or visit AVForce.com.

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Data and statistics charts on phone screens.

Making content online is even easier today than ever. With AI content and deepfakes, and the ease of which you can copy content, protection is of the utmost importance. Unique content is and will always be king, detect and DMCA AI content, detect and DMCA deepfake content with our amazing suite of technologies. Use piracy data and the amount of views it gets as a real time analysis of the distribution and popularity of your content.

  • Real time Statistics and Reporting
  • AI Driven Data Analysis
  • Automated Scanning on a Weekly Basis
  • Monthly Piracy Reports.
  • Comparative Analysis on the Views and Popularity of content
Data and statistics charts on phone screens.

Don't just take our word.

You guys are the best! Your digital fingerprinting service DigiRegs is such a game changer for us. Couldn't believe you can get me money back on my piracy. You've upped our revenue directly and indirectly with the protection, and I'm truly gratefull.


Video content site

"Your service is the best, you are the best Onlyfans leak protection that I've been able to find. I'm amazed at the difference, you covered more sites than the other software I used, and your digital fingerprinting, DigiRegs is unreal and so fast."

Natalie Amoree

OnlyFans model

"DMCAForce is my hero. Mark and Alex and their team was able to remove my content quickly and efficiently and didn't require me to do anything. All my marketing content was not touched, they just got rid of my full scenes that were stolen and being shared."

Queen Rogue

OnlyFans model

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Frequently asked questions

Need more answers? Don’t hesitate to contact us!

Our pricing is structured based on the number of infringements and the level of complexity involved in human verification of the infringements. For these reasons, we offer a complimentary evaluation report. Complexity around verification can happen when a product or title is too common of a word or has been used by other copyright holders. We establish ignore patterns to minimize this and modify our search algorithms, but nonetheless, the level of human analysis can vary from copyright holder to copyright holder. We do have some clients priced as low as $65 per month.

We invoice once a month via e-mail. You will receive your invoice either on the 15th or the 30th of each month depending on your billing cycle. We accept check, paypal, and credit card. To pay via credit card, please fill out this form and send to accounting AT dmcaforce.com.  To cancel, please use our cancellation form.  Please note, that we require 30 day notice to terminate service as outlined in our Customer Agreements.

Yes, the best way to submit URLS to us is by logging into the client dashboard and click on the tab on the top right to “SUBMIT URLS”. You can copy and paste either one or several URLS for them to be automatically submitted to us.

We recommend a period of 3 months. Although we work immediately and many piracy sites react quickly to our takedowns, an overall review of the results is best after we have had time to escalate notices to hosts and registrars. This also gives us time to tweak our search patterns and add in specific piracy sites that may be impacting a client specifically. Some of our clients even mention seeing their sales and revenues increase after about 45 days with our service.

This is a public report published by Google that displays the copyright removal requests they receive. https://www.google.com/transparencyreport/removals/copyright/

4.5/5 Based On 100+ Happy Customer Reviews

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