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Alex Ocampo Joins DMCAForce to Battle Piracy

Alex started as a WebMaster in 2000 and was quick to comment, “I’ve seen lots of pirate sites evolving, starting with Napster back in 2000, then PirateBay, and now numerous tube sites”. Working for different Companies Alex said “I was overwhelmed with sending thousands of manual requests for them all over the Internet, this soon became very tedious so I searched for a platform that could manage and automate this process”.
Alex discovered DMCAForce when reviewing comparable options for DMCA and content management. The results from the spiders, backend tools and automation on the DMCAForce platform soon became very apparent with high kill ratio’s on links across all target sites.
Alex decided to join the DMCAForce team in June 2018 especially after realizing the HQ for DMCAForce is San Diego based. Being a resident himself, his commute to the office is only a short walk!
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