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Business lessons you can take from “MTV Real World” rebooting

This week MTV announced that it is rebooting “The Real World” for Facebook Watch. Viacom’s (company that owns MTV) strategy is to create and sell more content to feed the streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon, Google, Facebook etc.

The move goes against some media rivals that are investing big money in their own streaming platforms and to be part of the already competitive market. Viacom’s strategy is an example for small producers on how to participate in the industry without spending lots of capital.

DMCA Force, AV Force, and Partner.TrafficHaus provide safe content distribution for small companies in the same YouTube model or similar streaming services. Today, virtually anyone can produce content and display it on various platforms, but how to do this in an effective way?

Acting for years in the market, Partner.TrafficHaus, through its Video In-Stream Ads service, makes the lives of Producers, advertisers, and publishers easier. The platform allows content producers to make their material available in our database; so that it can be syndicated, increase speed of expansion, and reach more people.

At the same time, advertisers also make their ads – the pre-roll videos – available into the platform, which will be automatically inserted into the content created by producers. It’s an effective way to earn revenue and brand distribution from the advertising space. Finally, publishers have at their disposal, interesting content for their channels which converses with their audience effectively.

Once the content is aired, DMCAForce partnered with AVForce for audio/video digital fingerprinting, constantly scan the web for unauthorized uses of protected content. The main objective is to protect the work of independent artists, performers, coders, and all types of creative work.

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