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Change the Way you Protect your Content

As a content creator, your work is always at risk of being stolen. Whether someone illegally downloads your photo or video, or screen records it from their phone, stealing content from creators like you has never been easier. 

Luckily, DigiRegs is here to help. Our mission is to protect your content from thieves by using the full force of the law against them. 

How do we do this? 

We scan your files, which can include images, video, audio and more to create what is called a digital fingerprint.  Once we have that, we scour the depths of the internet to locate websites sharing your content without your permission. We don’t add anything to the content, we identify unique signatures of it.

Then, once the content is identified, we send DMCA notices to remove the content from the website. We do this through a contact at the website, platform or administrator to get it removed quickly and efficiently. 

Simultaneously, we send delisting notifications to Search Engines like GOOGLE. We have this removed immediately so that no one can ever find your content.

If they do not remove it, we then escalate that request by sending a DMCA notice to the websites hosting company, if it’s still not removed, we then escalate that take down request to the domain registrar. Both of which are then liable to make sure that content is removed.

If they process with Visa or Mastercard, we may also send the notice to them and let them know the website is trafficking in stolen material.

If they are still not removed, we provide you with data in which you can utilize to pursue the website or infringer legally through the courts systems.

There are two ways you can utilize our services. 

Work with a member of our team. 

Working with a member of our team ensures constant supervision of your content. We will search the internet for traces of your work 24 hours a day.

We will also submit DMCA Takedown notices on your behalf. 

This service is optimal for individuals or businesses who create a lot of content which is at risk of being stolen. It also requires a monthly commitment to our service. 

Do it Yourself

If you do not have a lot of content to protect, doing it yourself could be the preferred option. 

The process is simple, if you see your content on a website or platform and wish to have it removed, then you will select that file. 

Our rate is 35-Cents for every file you wish to take down. 

This is a great alternative for anyone not willing to commit to a larger monthly package, and instead wish to pay as they go. 

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