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Anti-Piracy Customer Testimonials

Film Producers, Video Distributors, Adult Entertainment Industry, Record Companies, Exercise Programs, Educators and Publishing Professionals are using DMCA Force to protect their copyrights. Why aren’t you? As producers and creators of online and offline video content, we are very concerned with anti-piracy protection of our copyrighted material.

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“DMCA Force has provided effective and affordable anti-piracy results that are responsive to our business needs.”


Jeff Miller

Director of Interactive Marketing, Mobile and Ecommerce

Tapout XT [/tab]

“DMCA Force asked if I could write a testimonial for them, and it was a no-brainer. I can speak from the heart and it just comes across as an endorsement.

We used to try to tackle DMCA takedowns ourselves, but it was a real pain. It was frustrating, time-consuming, and a losing battle. Handing things over to DMCA Force was one of the best decisions we made. Liam and his team are diligent with every take down, and do a great job…at a very reasonable price.”


Kevin Wimmer

JamPlay Co-Founder

Jamplay.com [/tab]

“I am thrilled with DMCA Force. They were willing to provide their services to a small publisher like me. Two months into my protection, I see that my e-Book is selling much better than before. I am now actually getting some overseas sales, whereas in the past there was zero. I no longer find a long list of websites offering free downloads of my books.

DMCA Force’s free evaluation was impressive. They identified 121 sites that were pirating my aquarium book. It matched what I was seeing in my Internet searches but went way beyond. (Their search engines must be awesome!) Their representative answered my questions in a manner that indicated competence, expertise, and motivation.

I spent almost a month looking for an anti-pirating service. One popular anti-pirating service that I used only briefly charged $19/month for each book. Much to my dismay, this “service” did not do any active anti-pirating. I had to find the infringing site, indentify the correct URL, and then list it on their website. This put the burden almost entirely on me. More importantly, this method – based on my inadequate and clumsy search methods — was guaranteed to be ultimately ineffective. For what good is 20 successful “Takedowns” if there are 100 other websites, torrents, etc that I can’t find!

DMCA Force has let me get back to writing. For $35/month, they protect my 3 books. Pirates are no longer ripping off my books willy-nilly to sell junk on the Internet. I highly recommend DMCA Force.”


Diana Walstad

Author and Publisher

Ecology of the Planted Aquarium and Cooking and Experimenting with Pressure Cookers

“DMCA Force is efficient and effective. Their service has always met or
exceed our expectations and I intend to continue to work with them for
the indefinite future.”

Jason Lekberg

VP Digital Strategy & Marketing

Eleven Seven Music

Five Seven Music

o. 212-293-7834


“DMCA Force has been an absolute lifesaver for us. They
are diligently handling issues that we would never have the time or
resources to do ourselves. I really cant’ say enough about their
dedication to protecting our brand and their successes speak for
themselves. I would personally highly recommend them to anyone that is
concerned about protecting their brand and their investment in it.”

Robert McLearren

Director of Technology

DDP Yoga

“DMCA Force has done an awesome job and I am VERY PLEASED with the results! DMCA Force is efficient AND cost effective!”


I Will Teach You To Be Rich