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Two Piracy Sites SHUT DOWN! – Tubes With Rights Management Solutions

Happy New Year to all content owners out there. Content piracy sites… this is a not so happy new year for you. We can help you ensure it is a happy new year, please continue reading below, on how this New Year we can help you to become the next compliant YouTube. Through our content publishing, protection, and monetization program we offer.

Since the start of the “free content era” when video sharing sites (tubes) became the dominant traffic destination for billions of consumers, the issue of content rights management has continued to plague honest publishers who need to efficiently navigate the legal rights of their site content without eroding the value per visitor for their own bottom line. Now DMCAForce is serving many leading websites as an important content surrogate, capable of maintaining the legality of your site content while allowing you to block monetize views thanks to their proprietary on-upload content recognition services.

“Without getting too technical, the simplest way to deal with the flood of potential DMCA compliance issues a free upload content site faces is to establish a better inspection process at the point of upload,” explains Mark of DMCAForce.com. “Preventing obvious infringements by recognizing them at the point of upload prevents the entire cycle of having to find content and remove it after being notified via DMCA later.”

The recent closures of Openload and Streamango, just shut down in November 2019, which were both shut down by the Anti-Piracy Alliance, have reaffirmed the willingness of deep-pocketed advocacy groups and content creators to go after the platforms where their content is found; rather than focusing on the individual uploaders who are directly responsible for infringement. Simultaneously, the uploaders have shown that they will continue to infringe without regard for the platforms they upload to, because they believe they are unlikely to be prosecuted for their role in the breach of creator rights.

That leaves platform owners, tube sites and publishers in the tricky position of needing to exclude illegally infringing content from publication, without the participation of the people doing the actual uploading in the protection process.

DMCAForce offers a unique method of prevention and monitors client sites as an ongoing service aimed at reducing the cost of compliance while improving the user experience for legitimate content consumers as well. We can tell you what content is licensed, and what content is not, all at the point of upload, or in whatever work flow process you’d like. For Example; Allow all content uploaded, then within 72 hours of the upload log into a cue we provide of content our system has flagged and remove or add advertising to pay out to the content creator to the flagged content. 

We can also perform these services for you, making publishing content, safer, easier and mutually beneficial.

To learn more about the many ways DMCAForce can shield you from the sort of lawsuits that shut down Openload and Streamango, visit www.DMCAForce.com to speak directly with an account advisor who can demonstrate the entire system and answer your questions until you are fully satisfied.

Don’t be the next site to be shut down this year, create a mutually beneficial relationship with DMCAForce content protection services.

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