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DMCA Force is comprised of industry experts, business professionals, technology gurus, and attorneys that gathered together to find a better solution to anti-piracy and digital rights protection. Our proprietary technology combines advanced search spiders and a learning database system that identifies infringements quickly and accurately while minimizing false positives. Once an infringing link is found our team of industry experts springs into action and verify the infringement and initiate take-down protocols. Our team is familiar with the mechanisms allowed under the DMCA and the directives of the EUCD to enforce a Copyright’s holders rights and send takedown notices.

Advanced Technology

Our custom-built anti-piracy engine puts us at the cutting edge of the fight against piracy and copyright infringement. Fueled by a tireless web crawler, which targets piracy Web sites and identifies infringing content, and bolstered by both automated and expert staff-driven systems, our technology can scale to meet the needs of any client.

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Enterprise Solutions

Regardless of the size of your company–whether it’s a large film studio or a scrappy independent publisher –we encourage you to contact us or sign up for a free anti-piracy evaluation. We can help and you can fight back. We pride ourselves on finding an anti-piracy solution that fits your needs and budget while protecting your valuable intellectual property.