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FixCopyright.com – Sounds Good, But a Little Detail Would Be Nice

Derek Khanna, a copyright reform activist who I’ve written about previously, has launched a new website, FixCopyright.com, as part of his advocacy campaign.

As a staunch advocate of strong intellectual property rights protection, but one who is also open to reasonable copyright reforms, the announcement of Khanna’s new site caught my eye and piqued my curiosity.

After checking out the site, however, I’m a bit disappointed. I was expecting some ideas, some information… something more than an email registration form that returned a short link I could use to send other people to the site, in other words.

To be fair, I also received an email thanking me for signing up…. which included a different short link that points to the same threadbare web page.

I’m assuming that the site will, eventually, offer more than the ability to give Derek Khanna (and whomever else is involved in the site) my email address. In the meantime, some sense of what I’ve just signed up for would be nice.

Have I just unwittingly indicated that I support a particular copyright reform by submitting my email address to this site? Perhaps an effort imploring Congress to repeal or alter the laws that make it illegal to unlock one’s mobile phone, the subject of a recent WeThePeople petition supported by Khanna?

I’m not too worried about how my email address will be used (after 16 years of spending several hours a day online, I’m pretty adept at deleting spam), but I’m still slightly bothered by the fact that Khanna’s site appears to be not much more than an email harvester at this point.

If and when that changes, I’ll compose a new post about the substance of the site…. assuming it develops some in the interim. 😉