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Free Brand Warden

Brand Warden

If you are a model and you are attending the #YNOT cammunity you have a trial for a free month with DMCA Force to use our new Brand Warden system!

Brand Warden is an all-in-one search engine management process which uses unique regression modeling to mimic how users would search for your content on search engines such as Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo and more. Running in real time, Brand Warden collects all links a user would see, classifies each one and automatically removes any pirated results from the search engine index. This ensures that not only do your official pages and paysites appear right at the top of the results, but it also eliminates traffic to pirate sites that want to profit from your brand and your content.

Key Features:

  • Automated dynamic keyword search process that efficiently and effectively all results for your brand and content
  • Intelligent classification ensures whitelisting of all official and partner domains and only removal of pirated results
  • Real time removal of pirated search results ensures you always have the top rankings
  • Feedback on which search terms produce the most results when users search for your content
  • Breakdown of ranking of your brand and official pages relatively to other results found for better SEO optimization

This feature will further enhance your brand protection, and your brand awareness.

Signup today, it’s only $49.99 per month Free !

Be careful out there

There are a lot of people out there who will try to steal your Model Centro content and use it for their own profit. If you don’t defend yourself who knows where it could be used? Defend yourself with DMCAForce

Models feel safe with DMCAForce

Control over your content is important to you. We live in a world where reputation matters and social media can be dangerous. With DMCAForce you can feel safe knowing that your content is being protected. And it’s controlled by you and only you.

Technology meets legal firepower.

At DMCAForce we use the latest technology to monitor the global Internet for your name. Our technology is backed up by legal firepower to take action. Sleep easy. If someone tries to use your name, we’re on it. Fast.

Helping models:

Protect your online image

Around the clock protection

DMCA Force gives you peace of mind 24/7. We never stop scanning the web for your content.

If your content gets uploaded, we'll find it

Armed with next-gen technology which scans the Internet, DMCA Force alerts you when unauthorized use of your content happens

We know legal jujitsu

If anyone tries to use your content without your consent, we're armed with legal firepower. We'll contact server admins and file legal DMCA-takedowns on your behalf. We're good at this.

Privacy is your right

What you do online is your business. At DMCA Force we believe you have a right to be in control of your content. Don't fall prey to online thieves. Defend yourself today.

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    List your own brand name, any sites you own, and your performing name

    For example:


    You will receive an email within 48 hours from your account manager providing your account information including first scan results & user submission links.