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We protect all kinds of media

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How DMCAForce protects you

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We know your content

Using unique algorithms we create a digital fingerprint of your content. Our technology will identify your work, even if it’s used only in part. We protect you against wholesale copying, and just “borrowing” too.

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We never stop scanning

Our servers are constantly spidering the web looking for unauthorized uses of your protected content. If someone on the other side of the Earth infringes on your intellectual property, we’ll know.

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We're DMCA takedown experts

The rules for DMCA takedowns have become increasingly complex. We’re well versed in all the “how to’s” for contacting servers, administrators and social networks to have your content removed quickly and efficiently.

Are you a Content Creator ?

As a content creator, your work is always at risk of being stolen. Whether someone illegally downloads your photo or video, or screen records it from their phone, stealing content from creators like you has never been easier. 

Luckily, DMCA Force is here to help. Our mission is to protect your content from thieves by using the full force of the law against them. 

What do we offer ? 

  • FREE Evaluations! 
  • Providing Analytics and Data Tools
  • Conduct daily scans of the internet for your brand or name
  • DMCA Takedown Notice Automation
  • Bulk DMCA & Google Removal
  • Source and Google takedowns
  • Protection Incident assistance
  • Investigative services
  • Breach monitoring


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Interested in Digital Fingerprinting?

Whether you have thousands of individual pieces of content that need protecting or a single piece of content. Ask about our Digital Fingerprinting technology; AVForce We provide the most advanced technology in the world for:

  • Extracting DNA of Audio and Video content (we call FingerPrints)
  • Identifying Duplicate Content
  • Identifying Match Cases across the Globe
  • Providing Analytics and Data Tools
  • Establishing Royalty Rights or Advertising Revenue
  • Removal from Websites and Search Engines programmatically
Contact us to discuss your digital assets today, or visit AVForce.com.

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