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Kudos to Corbin Fisher for Holding Oron to Account

Sometimes, you just have to cheer Nike Air VaporMax pas cher  when somebody stands up to those who profit from piracy and says “No more.”

That’s what adult entertainment studio Corbin Fisher did this week when it filed a lawsuit (under its parent company name, Liberty Media) against self-described cloud storage service Oron.com. I use the qualifier “self-described” because cloud storage service probably is not the term most rights-holders and content creators would use to describe Oron, given the site’s alleged piracy-friendly business practices.

Regardless of whether you approve of pornography as an expressive form, all of us who cherish our intellectual property rights, and all of us who have experienced the frustration and outrage of watching those rights infringed upon with impunity by online content pirates and those who enable them, should raise a glass in a toast to Corbin Fisher and all of those who helped the studio compile evidence against Oron in support of the lawsuit.

Legal actions of this sort are expensive, time and resource-consuming affairs that are neither easy, nor quick. Even if they are successful in making their case, Corbin Fisher has a long road ahead of them, and it’s important that we support them, even if that support is merely a blog post like this one, an email to let them know that their actions are appreciated, or even (if you are so inclined) purchasing one of their DVDs or a membership to one of their websites.

No matter what manner of creative work you produce, no matter what field of art or expression you hail from, Corbin Fisher’s action in filing this case benefits you. If we’re ever going to rein in online piracy and recreate an environment in which rights-holders can have some measure of control over how and where their works are distributed on the Internet, we need people who will do more than just complain. We need people who will lead by example, through their actions. In short, we need more Corbin Fishers.

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