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How to Protect Online Content with DMCA Protection Services

Not too long ago, we spoke to a fresh-faced content producer. She wanted to make a bit of extra cash, so she decided to sign up for OnlyFans.com. She marketed herself well, and it wasn’t long before the subscribers started to flow in. She loved it. Well, that was until she Googled herself. You see, as the subscribers rolled in, various people started to pirate her content. While she was charging for it, sites were sharing it free of charge. It was costing her a lot of cash. It was devaluing her content. That’s when the importance of knowing copyright infringement comes in.

This copyright registration isn’t just an issue with OnlyFans performers either. Oh no. It is a problem that runs rampant for all content owners and producers. If you spend your time creating awesome content to sell, you can guarantee people will pirate it. This is why it is important to secure copyright protection status as copyright owner of all of your online content with DMCA protection services. Thus, it may be time to secure your online content with DMCA protection services.

Copyright Theft – A Neverending Problem 

Understanding the digital millennium copyright act

There are thousands and thousands of sites offering pirated content, and more are springing up every single day. It is estimated that each year, these piracy sites get 130 billion views. About a quarter of all ‘downloads’ online are dedicated to pirated content. This means that copyright theft is a very mainstream issue. And in common cases, website owners fall prey. Most people will have pirated something at some point in their life. It is believed that online piracy costs various industries over $ 100 billion per year. In fact, it is estimated that 70,000 jobs per year are lost to online piracy. It is a massive issue. Copyright infringement shouldn’t be taken lightly.

A protection for website owners

Content producers are putting together brilliant eBooks, videos, courses, articles, etc. in the hope of making some cash. They deserve it. It takes a lot of effort, time, and money to become a successful content creator. The problem is that as soon as they seem to be getting the tiniest bit of success, there is somebody willing to share that work with the world. Guess who is profiting from that? It certainly isn’t the content creator. Oh no. The people profiting are those pirating the content. Leeching off the hard work of others. Absolutely disgusting.

Do you need a DMCA Protection Badge?

Unfortunately, copyright theft is a problem that is not going to disappear completely. As soon as one site is replaced, another will appear. There is a lot of money to be made from piracy. However, this doesn’t mean that content producers should let piracy run rampant. They have to do everything possible to stop the theft of their content, and this is where DMCA protection services from DMCA Force come into play. 

What Are DMCA Protection Services?

If you are a content producer, then you will have heard of the DMCA. This is an American piece of legislation designed to help content creators have more control over their copyrighted content. When you file a DMCA claim against a site, they have a legal obligation to remove the copyrighted content from its server. In the case of search engines, they have to remove the link from the search engines. The DMCA only has power over sites based in the US, but since most pirate sites and major search engines are in the US, this isn’t normally a problem. 

Back in the day, it was easy to keep tabs on your copyrighted content. There weren’t a lot of websites that hosted pirated content, and it was pretty easy to find the main ones where your content may be. Filing a DMCA took a couple of minutes, and that would be that. The problem is that the internet is now in a completely different place from a couple of decades ago. There are over 8,000 major sites that host pirated content, with countless smaller ones too. It is impossible to keep tabs on all of them.

Extra Protection for Website Owners

DMCA protection services automate the finding of copyrighted content. Scanners, like the ones we run here at DMCA Force, will constantly be on the lookout for copyrighted pages protected content that breaches the digital rights management, of the copyright holder. Thousands of sites protected pages are scanned by copy scanner every single day to track down this stolen content. As soon as stolen copyrighted content is identified by copy scanner, an automatic DMCA notification and a takedown requests counter notice to copyright office is sent. In most cases, this first takedown and counter notice means that any stolen copyrighted content is kept online for 24-72 hours, at the most. This first takedown and counter notice drastically limits the number of people that will have ended up pirating the copyright holders’ content.

If a content creator is not using DMCA protection services, there is absolutely no way that they can keep up with the amount of piracy their content will fall victim to. Even the smallest of content producers have lost hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars to copyright theft. The process needs to be automated. It is the only way a content producer can keep control of their content. 

Companies Like CelebMags.com Benefitted From DMCA Force

Here at DMCA Force, we are regularly approached by companies that have found their copyrighted content being hosted on countless piracy-related sites. CelebMags.com was one of our most recent clients.

CelebMags.com plays host to a wide range of content. As they gained popularity, they realized that they were losing a lot of control over the content they had worked tirelessly to create, including an APK file that they were distributing. The loss of control was harming their brand, and devaluing their content.

They hired DMCA Force because they wanted control over their content again. They wanted to guarantee that if people wanted something from CelebMags.com, they would only head to CelebMags.com. When we got to work, we very quickly identified hundreds, if not thousands, of links to content stolen from CelebMags.com. We managed to get the pirated content host shut down, and the links to infringing material removed from search engines such as Google. Our initial efforts took just a few days.

We now constantly protect any content produced by CelebMags.com. This helps to reduce the chances of their content being stolen and boosts the income of the site. 

Why DMCA Protection Services Are Vital To Content Creators Looking To Protect Their Online Content

You already know what DMCA protection services can do, and why so many major content creators are using them. But, let’s really dive into those reasons why, even if you are a smaller content creator, DMCA protection services may be important. 

Gives You Control Over Your Content – copyright infringement

Remember that OnlyFans content creator that we mentioned before? During our talks with her, she discussed how when her content was stolen, she felt like she had a lot less control over it. She was taking nude photos, perhaps one of the most intimate types of content that a person can make, and somebody else was seizing control of them and distributing them how they saw fit. This person had, effectively, lost control of her photos. We are sure you can agree that every creative deserves to control their work. It is a part of them. Even the simplest pieces of content have the heart and soul of the creative poured into them. 

When your content is stolen, somebody else is profiting from your content. Sure, a lot of pirated content is on ‘free’ websites, but they still make money, normally through ads or affiliate systems. Why should they deserve to profit from somebody else’s work? They shouldn’t! Take back control of your content with DMCA protection services. 

Prevents Loss of Sales with DCMA protection badge

People really don’t like to spend money. This is probably the main reason why online piracy is so rampant. People just don’t like spending cash unless they absolutely need to. A lot of people that do pirate claim they probably can spend the money to buy the content, but why should they? 

If your content is pirated, then there will be routes for people to obtain your content without spending a single cent on it. Even if that person probably would have spent money buying from you, seeing the content for ‘free’ means they probably won’t. 

By having your pirated content removed from the search engines and on content hosting sites, there is more of an incentive for people to come to you to spend their cash. 

Many people, even the smallest of content creators, find that using DMCA protection services is an investment. Sure, it costs some money, but proper copyright protection can lead to a huge increase in sales. 

Helps Your Content Maintain Value

Companies are often very reluctant to reduce the price of their products and online services. Why? Because when they reduce the price, it devalues the item. The same applies to your content.

When your digital content is available for ‘free’ on pirated websites, the potential customer starts to get it into their heads that this is how much the digital content is worth. In a bid to try and compete with pirated website content again, you may reduce the price of your website content to try and snag a few sales, further devaluing the price of digital content.

Unless you remove links to pirated versions of your website certificate or other copyrighted content, people will believe what you are offering holds little value. We suppose this ties into our previous point of why somebody would want to pay for something when it is available for free.

You should always be paid for the time and effort that you put into producing content. You should always earn cash based on the quality of information or entertainment that you are sharing with the world. Do not let your content get devalued. This devalues you. 

Keeps Your Paid Content Prominent in The Search Engines

Many content creators first reach out to DMCA Force when they find that any search for their intellectual property, name or product leads to a search engine results page that is full of pirated versions of their work. In fact, there are so many pirate links to infringing material of copyright owners out there, they are actually finding it tough to find their own site among the mess. This is, no doubt, costing copyright and intellectual property owners and a huge number of sales.

It doesn’t matter what type of business you operate, the vast majority of your sales will come through search engines. If your site isn’t prominent in the searches (or you are surrounded by places where all your website pages and content can be obtained for free), then people just won’t buy from you.

Luckily, many of those links to pirated versions of your content can be removed in just a few days when you work with a company like DMCA Force. 

Saves Time for Website Owners

We don’t know if you have ever filed a DMCA takedown or counter-notice for yourself before, but it takes a whopping amount of time. A good few minutes, and even then, the DMCA takedown or counter-notice itself may get rejected because you missed vital information. With potentially many more other such takedown notices, requests, and notices, requests counter-notices and notices, and hundreds, if not thousands, of links to your stolen content out there, there simply isn’t enough time to file every DMCA takedown and counter-notice all by yourself. You will never stop filing them, as new links to infringing copyrighted material could appear just as soon as the old ones disappear.

This is why companies like DMCA Force can help. The entire DMCA filing process is automated, as is the tracking down of your copyrighted content. It i It means that you can focus on creating your content, while the team at DMCA Force can focus on protecting your copyright. 

Secure your online content with DCMA protection badge

DMCA Force has been responsible for removing millions of links from search engines. We have been protecting the content of content producers for over a decade now. We have worked with all sorts of creatives, from coders to video producers, to game developers. Recently, we have been chosen as the official DMCA Agent for OnlyFans, for which we have requested the removal of over 2,000,000 pirated links from Google alone. 

When you work with DMCA Force, you will be working with one of the leading companies in DMCA Protection. They are the experts in copyright infringement! Our software can help to protect the copyrighted works of all content creators, all at an affordable price. 


Are DMCA Protection Services Worth It?

If you are a content creator looking to make money from access to their content, then your access to DMCA protection online internet service providers” services are vital. Secure access to your content with your online service providers’ access to DCMA protection services! Without them, pirates could profit from access to your content while you don’t earn a cent. Work with online internet service providers’ for your access to DMCA protection services and control access to your own content.

How Much Do DMCA Protection Services Cost?

This will vary depending on copyright office website protection,, the number of protected pieces of copyrighted content you wish to monitor, as well as the type host user generated content and digital age of the protected content being monitored. Website owners should be well-versed with copyright infringement! So, talk to licensed attorney, copyright office or a DMCA protection badge service provider or code company to get further questions or find out more. A dcma. protection badge code or service provider might help you!

How Do You File a DMCA Notice?

Every site is different. Some sites will have a form that you can fill in, while others will require that you send them an email. This is why many people use DMCA protection services instead. It will reduce the need to hunt around for ways to file a DMCA claim. 

Final Thoughts – Protect Your Online Content With DMCA Protection Services Today

As a content creator, you have a right to control your content. Secure it today. Reach out to DMCA Force and learn how our team can prevent content theft. Our services can help you to make more money from your content. 

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