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Film Producers, Video Distributors, Adult Entertainment Industry, Record Companies, Exercise Programs, Educators, Authors and Publishing Professionals are using DMCA Force to protect their copyrights. Why aren’t you? As producers and creators of online and offline video content, we are very concerned with anti-piracy protection of our copyrighted material.

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[testimonial company=”Ecology of the Planted Aquarium and Cooking and Experimenting with Pressure Cookers” author=”Diana Walstad, Author and Publisher” image=””]I am thrilled with the copyright protection provided by DMCA Force for my two self-published books. Before I signed up for DMCA’s protection last year, I would see at least 20 pirating websites offering free downloads of my entire aquarium book. These offensive offerings were at the top of Google’s search result’s page, crowding out legitimate vendors.

After one year of DMCA protection, my aquarium e-Book is selling 50-90 copies per month, with steadily increasing foreign sales. In contrast, a few years ago (2008-2010), I sold only one to two e-Books a month, with no overseas sales. (Because of the abysmal sales, I discontinued the e-Book version of my book in 2010 and only started it up again in early 2013.)

In 2013, I spent almost a month looking for an anti-pirating service. Many services won’t take on small self-publishers as clients. One popular service that was willing charged me $19/month per book. Much to my dismay, the service did not do any active anti-pirating. I had to find the infringing site, indentify the correct URL—very difficult, and in some cases, impossible—and then enter the offending URL onto the service’s website. This put the burden almost entirely on me and was also ineffective. For what good is 20 successful “Takedowns,” if there are 20 other websites, torrents, etc that I can’t find? Plus, the pirates are always adapting and setting up new URLs, etc.

For a more than reasonable fee, DMCAForce now protects my two books. The increased sales have more than made up for the modest cost. Pirates are no longer ripping off my books to sell junk on the Internet. DMCAForce’s service is top-notch. The sales representatives personally answer my questions in a manner that indicates competence, expertise, and motivation. DMCAForce does the work, not me.

I highly recommend DMCA Force.


[testimonial company=”” author=”Jessica Park, Author” image=””]
Nothing gets under an author’s skin like the unending nightmare that is ebook piracy, and the problem is so vast that we cannot possibly try to control the spread of illegal copies of our books on our own. That’s where DCMA Force comes in, and comes in like wildfire. The first time that I saw a report detailing files they’d removed, I was nearly speechless: the other service I’d been using wasn’t catching but a small fraction of what DCMA Force was squashing. They are relentless and fierce, and they are precisely who authors need. I don’t worry about piracy anymore. That’s their job.

[testimonial company=”” author=”Kristin Mayer, Author” image=””]
I have been extremely satisfied with the services provided by DMCA Force. It As time becomes more precious, I needed an efficient solution to handle pirating.  DMCA Force was this answer to my problem. They keep my pirated books to a minimum. I know it’s getting taken care of and I do not have to micro manage the process. However, at the same time, I have visibility to all that is going on. It’s a win for all parties. Communication and customer service have been incredible. Thank you, DMCA Force.

[testimonial company=”” author=”Michelle M. Pillow, NY Times & USA TODAY Bestselling Author” image=””]
As a hardworking creative it’s heartbreaking to see your work being illegally distributed, but it’s also impossible to spend the hours needed sending endless takedown notices. DMCA Force realizes my time is valuable and that I needed to be able to focus on what matters most—writing my next book. Working with my representative has saved me endless hours of frustration. Now my writing breaks can be spent playing online with readers.


[testimonial company=”” author=”Mandy M. Roth, NY Times & USA TODAY Bestselling Author” image=””]
Fighting ebook piracy was an uphill battle that consumed the majority of
my work days, taking from my valuable writing time. DMCA Force allows me
to focus on what I should be focused on–creating stories and spending
time online interacting with my readers. My representative is very
attentive, quick to respond and always on top of issues that arise. My
only regret is that I didn’t find DMCA Force sooner.



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[testimonial author=”Vineyard Haven – Lucky Bastard” company=”Lukas Kendall, Co-writer/Producer” image=””]
My indie film was pirated like nobody’s business and I needed help—and fast. The first company I went with was preposterously unprofessional and incompetent. I interviewed several others and DMCA Force struck me as offering the most aggressive services at a fair price. I was right! When I signed up, I was immediately blown away by how comprehensive their website was—the previous company wouldn’t give me a straight answer about anything, and DMCA Force has a detailed website letting me track the progress of each offending link. Since then I have been completely satisfied by their hard work and personal responses. Go with them, it’s the right choice!


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[testimonial author=”Jamplay.com” company=”Kevin Wimmer, JamPlay Co-Founder” image=””]
DMCA Force asked if I could write a testimonial for them, and it was a no-brainer. I can speak from the heart and it just comes across as an endorsement.

We used to try to tackle DMCA takedowns ourselves, but it was a real pain. It was frustrating, time-consuming, and a losing battle. Handing things over to DMCA Force was one of the best decisions we made. Liam and his team are diligent with every take down, and do a great job…at a very reasonable price.


[testimonial author=”I Will Teach You To Be Rich” company=”Denise” image=””]
DMCA Force has done an awesome job and I am VERY PLEASED with the results! DMCA Force is efficient AND cost effective!

[testimonial company=”” author=”Charles Kirkland, Online Marketing Specialist” image=””]
I love the work.


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[testimonial author=”Tapout XT” company=”Jeff Miller, Director of Interactive Marketing, Mobile and Ecommerce” image=””]
DMCA Force has provided effective and affordable anti-piracy results that are responsive to our business needs.


[testimonial author=”DDP Yoga” company=”Robert McLearren, Director of Technology” image=””]
DMCA Force has been an absolute lifesaver for us. They
are diligently handling issues that we would never have the time or
resources to do ourselves. I really cant’ say enough about their
dedication to protecting our brand and their successes speak for
themselves. I would personally highly recommend them to anyone that is
concerned about protecting their brand and their investment in it.


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[testimonial author=”The Pragmatic Programmers, LLC” company=”Andy Hunt” image=””]
DMCA Force is a great example of something that you *could* do yourself, but shouldn’t. Focus on your business. Let them handle the take downs. We did, and they process orders-of-magnitude more infringing sites than we could have done on our own. Recommended.

[testimonial author=”Dreamspinner Press” company=”Tammy May, Operations Manager” image=””]
The DMCA team has far exceeded our expectations in meeting the constant demands of attempting to thwart eBook piracy. We have found them to be most attentive to our communications and immediately responsive to our concerns. Now that DMCA Force is focused on managing the process we can focus on managing our business. Thank you DMCA Force!


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[testimonial author=”Eleven Seven Music / Five Seven Music” company=”Jason Lekberg, VP Digital Strategy & Marketing” image=””]
DMCA Force is efficient and effective. Their service has always met or
exceed our expectations and I intend to continue to work with them for
the indefinite future.


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[testimonial author=”Dance MIDI Samples” company=”Peter” image=””]
With a large product catalog we found it impossible to keep on top of
cyber-locker links and had given up on issuing take down notices due to
the shear volume of links and amount of time it consumed. DMCA Force has
since made this process simple, and for a much more reasonable price
than other quotes we’d received. DMCA Force provide a top quality
anti-piracy service along with dashboard style statistics to keep you
up-to-date with what’s going on behind the scenes.

[testimonial author=”Digital Sound Factory” company=”Timothy Swartz, CEO” image=””]
Digital Sound Factory sells high quality instrument sound downloads for musicians. Pirating and re distributing our products by on line thieves is a constant concern. DMCA Force is an affordable solution that tracks down and removes the unwanted links. On line reports give you instant access to what sites have been tracked and the status of the removal. Excellent service!

[testimonial author=”Gospel Musicians” company=”Jamal Hartwell, President” image=””]
I was a bit skeptical of the the services of DMCA Force, but they allowed me to try it out with no obligations. After trying it, I have noticed that the cracks and illegal links dramatically decreased and of the links that were still there, they were false links. Even when situations arise, I can shoot them a friendly E-mail of new links and they take care of them pretty fast.

I will now become a regular with these guys and I feel as a company selling digital/intangible goods, this type of protection should be added as the cost savings do add up.