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The United States downloads more than 2,1 billion piracy content every year

A study from 2014 shows that Companies has lost over 62 billion dollars due to online piracy. And the number is likely to increase since pirates websites received 300 billion visitors in 2017. The main pirated products in the world are clothes, shoes, medicines, books, movies, software and music. Although ebooks is a small portion of the segment, it’s still growing fast.

DMCA Force mission is to protect the work of authors, musicians, publishers, online performers, software developers, filmmakers, models, YouTube personalities, entertainers and designers. Since starting to protect Manning Publications, the company has taken down more than 32,000 pirated titles and notified over 51,000 more.

The company uses sophisticated spidering technology to constantly scan the web for unauthorized uses of protected content, and since its inception in 2009, it has filed thousands of DMCA takedown notices against hosting companies, social networks, and corporations who illegally make use of a protected intellectual property.

A recent study conducted by Digimarc and Nielsen showed that cost is the main reason why people pirate content and that 47% of all adult e-book pirates are between 30 to 44 years old. Which is surprising since we would consider that the younger consumers are the ones doing it. In the UK, for example, 17% of ebooks read online are pirated, meaning around 4 million books are pirated content.

The trade and distribution of an unauthorized copy are what defines piracy, It is considered a crime in most countries around the world. Many strategies for book publishing go through sharing fragments on the internet, fueling the interest of the reader until they make the decision to buy the product. That is, what is shared is intended to stimulate the sale. It’s marketing. Very different from a download of the complete work with the intention of not paying anyone.

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