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Digital Millennium Copyright Act YouTube Protection

Content creators on YouTube are beholden to the algorithm. But they’re also reliant on the advertising revenue that YouTube makes available to creators. You don’t have to be an influencer to get a slice of the pie, so to speak.

But what happens when your DRM-protected content on YouTube gets pirated? Or, even worse, then altered and distributed against your wishes? You can imagine how your subscriber numbers, willing advertisers, and more can quickly dry up.

Protect your persona on YouTube and keep your fans where you can truly engage with them. Get smarter with protecting your intellectual property online. Your revenue stream will thank you.

Digital Millennium Copyright Ace YouTube Protections from DMCAForce

The best way to keep your audience in-line is to ensure they just have one place to engage with your content. Stop pirates and torrent sites from stealing subscribers away from your managed channel.

The DMCA is YouTube content’s safety net. It’s a legally binding mandate that criminalizes piracy and helps protect creators like you.

DMCA protections for YouTube are for creators both small and large. DMCAForce can act on your behalf to stop piracy at the source. Here are just a few of our trusted services:

Digital Fingerprinting

Associate your content with your channel (and only your channel). Our digital fingerprinting service serves as a watermark of sorts to keep your properties branded. It can also help identify the source of pirating efforts working to dilute your online brand.

DMCAforce has the same technology as YouTube’s Content ID. Except better, we match more content than they are capable of at a lower per second rate, capturing even more content and enabling more rights back to the creators.

Automatic Monitoring

There are billions of videos on the platform. This means scouring for all instances of piracy is nearly impossible for small or independent creators.

With our automated systems, we can monitor and capture all instances of pirated recreations of your content across YouTube. This way, new instances can be identified and flagged with little to no action on your part.

YouTube DMCA Takedown Notices and YouTube Content Removal

Once identified, we will work on your behalf to issue a YouTube DMCA takedown notice to the infringing party. This YouTube takedown service is as legally binding as it gets.

No one expects you to be a legal whiz (unless that’s what your YouTube channel is all about, that is!). Let us do the boring paperwork for you. We will issue takedowns and follow-ups as needed to ensure the illegal YouTube content removal happens promptly.

This way, you get to keep being the engaging video personality your fans have come to expect.

Protection Dashboard

View all your protected content, DMCA notifications, and more in a single, easy-to-use dashboard. Think of this as the hub for our YouTube video removal service.

Our software makes it easy for busy content creators like you glimpse your protection. Visualize the health and stability of your creations online quickly. This way, you can get back to your actual job of making great content.

Trusted YouTube DMCA Protections

Keep your audience on your channel, where you know you can deliver authentic, engaging, and monetized content. Our YouTube DMCA services will ensure that your properties become (and stay) the one place your fans know to find you.

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