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AuthyNFT powered by DMCAForce showcased at SXSW

DMCAForce was happy to showcase at the world renowned SouthBySouthwest Expo this past month in Austin, Texas.

Speakers at Patreon event in Austin, TX 2022

At this event, our team at DMCA Force introduced our new technology AuthyNFT for minting and protecting NFT creatives. This new product was created with you as a creator in mind. Whether you are an author, performer, musician, software developer, and everyone in between, DMCAForce and AuthyNFT want to protect your NFT images, videos, and written works.

Special thanks to Patreon for their incredible event at SXSW WorksinProgress on March 13th and 14th, 2022. This event “connected with culture-defining artists, musicians, podcasters, and more for exclusive creator experiences, immersive installations, dynamic daytime programming, and evening performances” (Patreon, 2022).

A Special thanks to Worldview for a virtual ‘trip through space.’

SXSW event 2022 worldview
Worldview virtual experience at Patreon event 2022

We enjoyed art from Napkin Killa in which our CEO Mark was sketched.

CEO Mark Bauman sketched by Nakpin Killa
CEO of DMCAForce Mark Bauman sketched by Nakpin Killa

We got to mint a cryptocurrency with Radix

SXSW event and minting cryptocurrency with Radix
Minting cryptocurrency with Radix

And a special thanks to Fluff for their fluff party and their domes of wonderment.

CEO of DMCA Force Mark Bauman at SXSW event 2022
CEO of DMCAForce Mark Bauman at SXSW event 2022

It’s important to both AuthyNFT and DMCA Force that creators have an equal opportunity to live out their dreams and earn a sustainable income from the NFT’s they buy or create, and that’s why we have created AuthyNFT.

AuthyNFT is a digital fingerprinting technology that protects against the illegal resale or non permitted use of your NFT– because why would you want all your hard work stolen. Head over to our website and request a FREE evaluation and our team will get in touch with you to see how our technology can help protect you against fraudulent activity. Or, contact us at [email protected] with any questions!