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DMCAForce has Finally Surpassed 60 MILLION Delistings, let’s PARTY!

DMCAForce is one of the top removal companies in the word! Our team is thrilled to announce that after thirteen years of delisting pirated content, we have FINALLY surpassed 60 MILLION delistings! It’s our mission to protect the work of independent artists, performers, coders, and creatives of all types, so we feel honored to have been able to hit this milestone!

Since 2009 we have continued to grow and improve our unique scanning, matching and legal compliance initiatives to help content creators protect their work and control their online image. Within this time we have introduced BrandWarden.io, our all-in-one search engine management process. BrandWarden.io powered by DMCAForce has ensured that you end up at the top of search results and not the pirate site.

It’s the creators who push through countless obstacles, those who make the Web such an interesting place to be that deserve the respect and appreciation. Without the millions of hard-working, unique content creators, this milestone wouldn’t be possible.

Our team at DMCAForce wants to personally thank every single one of our clients, whether you were with us from the beginning or are just starting, thank you. Thank you for trusting us with your content, your name, and our partnership. We respect your resiliency.

So yes, we are surpassing 60 MILLION delistings but this is only the beginning- 60 million down, infinite more left to go!

Like always, let’s keep connected on social media: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook. If you have any questions please email us at [email protected].