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Streaming Sites get BLOCKED by US ISP’s: How DMCAForce keeps you protected

Breaking News: International TV streaming platforms are involved in multiple copyright infringement lawsuits. Recently, the production company won, and won BIG. This anti-piracy win of the century ordered US-based ISPs to BLOCK certain sites that were involved in copyright infringement. As a result, if the ISPs abide by these orders the U.S. would no longer be able to reach these particular sites.

Moshe Edery, a producer and cinema investor, has warned major credit card companies like Masterard, Visa, and American Express that their continuation to process payment for pirated streaming sites would end in legal action against them. Torrent Freak says:

“While that would be a first in anti-piracy enforcement, several Edery-related companies have just won three separate copyright lawsuits in the United States. The judgments and injunctions not only break new ground in the United States but might also represent one of the most significant anti-piracy wins of the century.”

This is huge considering that just last year three pirate streaming sites were targeted and met with lawsuits, including Israeltv.com, Israel.tv, and the most popular with millions of viewers each month, Sdarot.tv.

Earlier this month, the court ordered all three streaming sites to pay over $7.6M in infringement damages. They were also banned from “streaming, distributing, and making any of their copyrighted works available to the public.” 

But the biggest and most significant site-blocking injunction was for US-based ISPs, who now needed to block any domains used by pirate sites, and any ones that might be used in the future.

DMCAForce understands the headache of piracy and we don’t want you to get blocked by U.S. entities. That’s why we aim to make publishing content safer, easier, and mutually beneficial. We can tell you what content is licensed, and what content isn’t all at the point of upload (lickety-split).

With DMCAForce you get 24/7 automated monitoring, flagging, and removal of stolen and pirated content. We use metadata and keywords relating to your work in collaboration with search engines to remove even the 10-15% of content on ghost sites that can’t typically be scrubbed from the internet.

To learn more about the many ways DMCAForce can shield you from the sort of lawsuits that shut down Israeltv.com, Israel.tv, and Sdarot.tv, visit our website to speak directly with an account advisor who can demonstrate the entire system and answer your questions until you are fully satisfied. 

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