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Google Takes Down Over 100 Million Pirate Links

Since the start of 2013 Google has received over 100 million requests from copyright holders to remove pirated content from infringing webpages. More than ever before people are utilizing DMCA takedown notices that can help put an end to the illegal distribution of their content. The current number of requests that Google has received this year already doubles the total amount of notices sent for 2012.

In the battle against online piracy, DMCA Force has been granted a larger amount of takedown notices that can be sent on a daily basis. This comes as exciting news since it will allow us to better serve our current and prospective clients. From the initial start of DMCA Force, Google has been a major ally for not only the company but for the individual copyright holders as well.

Domains that DMCA Force have targeted include Filestube, Bitsnoop, General-Files amongst many others. To be exact, DMCA Force has encountered 1,025  targets that have aided users in finding ripped versions of movies, albums, software and books. From effective takedown notices to compliance monitoring, feel free to reach out to us today for information but to also receive a complimentary evaluation report.