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Required Reading for Those Interested in the Subject of Online Music Piracy

When it comes to the subject of the online piracy of music, there’s no shortage of information available on the Web. Unfortunately, a lot of that information can be categorized as “questionable,” if we’re to be charitable, or “outright misleading crap,” if we’re to be a bit more blunt.

One of the more reliable sources of information and analysis about online piracy (in my opinion, at least) is TheTrichordist, a blog collective headed up by David Lowery of Cracker and Camper Van Beethoven fame.

In addition to being a guy who has made some mighty fine music with his various projects over the years, Lowery is a mathematician, a meticulous thinker, and a fellow who does not mince words.

If you’re reading about the online piracy of music from the perspective of a successful musician and entrepreneur TheTrichordist should definitely be on your required reading list.

Bookmark it, check it regularly — and enjoy the free education.

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