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All Copyright Holders Can Utilize DMCA Takedown Notices

More often that not when we see the term, “DMCA” or “DMCA Notice” in the news, we associate it with major record labels and movie production companies. Granted, these types of companies see their fair share of pirated content and stolen material across the internet and are responsible for sending out DMCA Notice’s to ensure the author’s work is protected rather than dispersed for free across the globe. It’s great that these major entities have the capability of enforcing DMCA Notices, but what about the indie label or self published author? It doesn’t have to be just the major companies out there fighting back! DMCA Force is able to accommodate any budget because we recognize the fact that every artist has value in his or her work and that value shouldn’t be pirated. We have a variety of anti-piracy packages that are affordable and can help control the amount of stolen content that is floating around the internet.

Anyone (and when I say anyone I literally mean anyone) can take advantage of our software and protect what is rightfully theirs. Whether you’re a graphic designer, plugin writer, video game creator or adult film producer, we can help ensure that your intellectual property isn’t spreading like an illegal wildfire. It’s a sad truth that we must embrace, but it isn’t difficult for the12 year old boy down the street or the 92 year old grandma living next door to pirate your original content.

DMCA Force provides an in-depth complimentary evaluation in which we outline several proposals that can help minimize the impact of copyright infringement on your work. Once you see the amount of traffic that is illegally downloading and/or sharing your content, you won’t second guess the use of DMCA Force. We look forward to hearing from you and discovering how we can help you and your anti-piracy needs!

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