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Joins us in the Anti-Piracy Panel at the CCTA 2020 in Bahamas

DMCAForce is proud to be joining top broadcasting officials at CCTA in the Bahamas. We are happy to share our content protection tools with the Caribbean broadcasting elite at CCTA Bahamas, on the Anti-Piracy Panel to combat piracy in the Caribbean, assisting rights holders with the process of quickly, efficiently and effectively protecting their content from online piracy.


Piracy Session – Tuesday February 11th 10:00 – 11:20am

Piracy is not limited to any city, country, locale or website or system. It is a global problem, and we’re hear to solve it. Please join us at the upcoming event or reach out if you’d like to hear about our new tools and technologies to combat this global problem.

Founded in 2009, DMCAForce set out with a mission to protect the work of independent artists, performers, coders and creatives of all types by using a proprietary spidering technology system to continuously scan the web for any unauthorized use of protected content.

“Piracy is a global problem, we remove more than 1M stolen pieces of material a month. DMCAForce has filed many millions of DMCA takedown notices against hosting companies, social networks, and corporations who illegally make use of protected intellectual property,” CEO Mark Bauman explained. “The continued growth of piracy is why we continue to grow, the problem has not gone away, and does not need to be ignored, it’s clear, and present and at DMCAForce we have the solutions.”

For more information or to schedule an appointment during the upcoming CCTV trade show, click here. A free demonstration from a dedicated account manager and the technical team behind this award winning platform is the simplest way to see why so many others are making DMCAForce their main method of asset protection online.

Share with us how Piracy is impacting you and your business.



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