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DMCA Force back and Live

April 1st 2017

Attention DMCA Force Clients:

The new DMCA servers are back online and are handling all the comprehensive scanning again. We will be maintaining our high levels of accuracy at our current costs as indicated. The only pricing changes expected are for the lower cost clients. Effective May 1st we'll be increasing the minimum costs of the service to $75. Unfortunately the labor and costs of the spiders does not allow us to charge the low low rates previously enjoyed.  Larger accounts will not be affected.

A few notes on the new updates:
- Admin is live, please login or select forgot password, or if unable to email our support@ email address.
- Billing begins this month April 2017 and will commence this week.
- All customer will continue the same level of service. 
- Customers who paid annually or quarterly will need to sign on to new options.

Things we're working on:
- Better automation through automatic content verification.
- Customer service portal for immediate response and interaction with our service.
- Monetization of advertising space where stolen content is found. We want these pirate sites to link back to the owners of the content from whom their stealing... On top of removing it.

It has been a pleasure serving you in the ongoing fight against digital theft. We look forward to continue being a part of your creative process and wish you luck in all your future endeavors.
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