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DMCAForce Technology Published on TorrentFreak.com

DMCAForce was recently published on TorrentFreak.com for it’s new innovative approach to combatting piracy. DMCAForce works with proprietary ad technology in order to provide Advertising units to Piracy sites in exchange for keeping content up, or replacing stolen full edits of content with promotional clips and advertising. In exchange the site can keep mention of the brand or content live, thereby preserving the content for the publisher, and the traffic and interested eyeballs for the content creator.
Content production companies have started to use our service and reach out to publications on their own. Content creators are already generating in excess of $15,000 in a 30 day period. This technology for detection and monetization can be utilized across any website for any genre. We help facilitate the process and provide tools to bridge gaps between creators and pirates. This is a new evolution in dealing with DMCA handling and DMCA enforcement says CEO, Mark Bauman.
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