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Of NASA, YouTube and the ‘Human Touch’

Along the way to achieving a major scientific feat yesterday, NASA’s Curiosity probe encountered a most unexpected challenge: an improperly filed DMCA take-down notice.
Evidently, the Curiosity video air max 90 homme pas cher was taken down in response to a notification from the Scripps News Service, which released the following statement about the incident:

“We apologize for the temporary inconvenience experienced when trying to upload and view a NASA clip early Monday morning…. We made a mistake. We reacted as quickly as possible to make the video viewable again, and we’ve adjusted our workflow processes to remedy the situation in future.”

Although the situation was rectified quickly and will stand as extremely miniscule bump in the road on a triumphant day for NASA, it still underlines the importance of performing a careful review of materials that one intends to target with a DMCA take down notice — and the importance of undertaking that review before issuing the notice, as well.

One of DMCA Force’s primary goals is to ensure that we provide a truly high quality service to each client, a mission that includes limiting errors of every sort to the greatest extent possible. Our hunch as we read about Scripps mistake is that an over-dependence on automated systems might have been the key error in this instance. If so, it would not be the first time that a well-intended spider or algorithm designed to ferret out infringement incorrectly identified legitimate content as infringing.

The bottom line is this: DMCA take down notices are an important and powerful tool, and rights-holders and the service vendors they employ to issue those notices bear an equally potent responsibility to see that take downs are issued accurately, based on a dependable set of confirmed facts. Until or unless artificial intelligence comes along that can discern between footage produced by a media outlet and footage provided to that same media outlet by NASA, human intervention is necessary to prevent this sort of embarrassing mistake, and to ensure that content intended by its creator to reach as wide an audience as possible is provided the opportunity to do so.http://www.sneaker2018.fr/

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