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Piracy Evaluation Reports from DMCA Force

Before working with any client, DMCA Force always provides a complimentary piracy evaluation report. These reports contain much needed data in order for us to identify the issues and the solutions facing a potential client.

A typical report includes:

What copyrights are we monitoring and how successful is that monitoring?
What works are being infringed on most?
What types of sites are pirating the works the most?
Is the piracy easily accessible?
Are piracy URLS competing with legitimate URLS in search engine placement?
What is the rate of piracy going on? How quickly are new infringements going up?
What does DMCA Force’s plan of action look like and how can DMCA Force work within the client’s budget?

This in-depth report also includes charts providing even further detail for the client like the following.



Why do we do this?

Whether the client is large or small, we provide these piracy evaluation reports to ensure that copyright holders are educated about the piracy their company faces and ensures that we, as a DMCA Service, has a thorough understanding of what the client is facing and what the priorities are. We realize that not every copyright holder faces the same issues nor has the same goals, so we want to create a customized solution. We also want to leave the client feeling confident in our abilities as we provide full service and allow the client to focus on what they do best- whether that’s making music, authoring books, creating videos, or publishing any other work.

So if you’re considering using an anti-piracy service, please contact us and let us set you up with your own Piracy Evaluation Report and discuss what we can do for you.

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