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Stream ripping is the biggest threat to the Music Industry

For years now the Music Industry suffers from piracy. Today, the biggest threat that the industry face is the YouTube download sites. The British newspaper Independent (UK) reported that a third of young people use sites that illegally convert videos from Youtube to MP3 files.

Other platforms like DailyMotion, SoundCloud and Vimeo are also suffering from the illegal ripping sites. According to the newspaper, the term “YouTube MP3 converter” has more than 100 million results and, the YouTube even host explanatory videos on how to do it.

Record companies from the US and UK started back in 2016 an effort to fight the piracy, and the results started to show this week when the stream ripping website MP3Fiber was forced to shut down. Unfortunately, dozens of others websites that provide the same service are still up.

A study from 2014 shows that Companies has lost over 62 billion dollars due to online piracy. That’s why fighting piracy is so important. DMCA Force mission is to protect the work of authors, musicians, publishers, online performers, software developers, filmmakers, models, YouTube personalities, entertainers and designers.

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