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The importance of copyright laws

The first concepts of copyright were developed even at the time of classical civilizations, in Greece and Rome. Over the following centuries, these guidelines were broadened and laws protecting the works were created.

The author is the person responsible for creating an artistic or scientific work. Copyright guarantees to any person the ownership of its creation and commercial exploitation.

The registration of songs, formats, scripts, and trademarks, for example, are important for creators to commercially exploit their works. Nowadays, with the increase of channels and producers, this issue becomes fundamental to the success of a product. Piracy remains a constant concern, especially with the advancement of the digital world.

All reproduction is a copy, and copy without the authorization of the copyright holder and or copyright holder or outside the legal provisions constitutes counterfeiting, a civil and criminal wrongful act.

DMCAForce strongly believes in the work of independent content creators and online performers. That’s why we protect all kinds of media: authors, musicians, publishers, online performers, software developers, filmmakers, models, YouTube personalities, entertainers and designers.

We aim to protect their work and control their online image. Since its inception, DMCAForce has filed thousands of DMCA takedown notices against hosting companies, social networks, and corporations who illegally make use of protected intellectual property.



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