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Torrent Site H33t Is Currently Blocked

The German division of Universal Media Group has successfully hindered the notorious BitTorrent site, h33t. Recently Universal Media Group found itself requesting a temporary injunction against h33t over Robin Thicke’s latest album, ‘Blurred Lines’ due to the album appearing on the site.

The popular file sharing site is known for hosting torrents that allow users to download music, software, films and ebooks all for free. However, the content that appears on the site is copyright protected which has added to the ongoing battle of piracy for copyright holders.

H33t’s owner, Shelby, has stated previously that he would comply with copyright holders in removing their material, but only if they paid a fee. This fee would supposedly cover the costs associated with administrative expenses. Shelby has also agreed to appear in court to protest the seizure of his domains.

“I don’t believe my identity is the issue, but the sharing of costs for the takedowns. Given the opportunity, since this is a test of a takedown procedure, I will ensure my testimony and the court record contains my solution for equitable management of takedowns,” said Shelby.

It is very unfortunate that DMCA takedown requests are not enforced outside of the United States since this would be the best course of action to take. Any site that is within the U.S. borders is subject to DMCA takedown requests which are all regulated to ensure complete accuracy. For the time being, both h33t.com and h33t.eu are inaccessible to users.

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