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Torrent Site TheBox.bz Will Close Its Doors This Weekend

One of the world’s largest torrent sites, TheBox.bz will be closing its doors this Saturday. TheBox.bz, a private site that has close to 90,000 members isn’t shutting down due to a particular threat, but rather the administrators felt  it was only a matter of time before they would be forced to.

An administrator from TheBox.bz stated, “The decision to retire the site was not in response to any specific threat, but it is in reaction to the rapidly changing and increasingly hostile political climate we find ourselves in. We feel that being proactive and closing the doors is the most prudent move.”

The site was launched in 2007 and quickly gained momentum as a popular torrent site but also served as a  thriving community in which countless members uploaded over 110,000 torrents. The closing of such site can be seen as a positive step forward for countless copyright holders. P2P sites such as TheBox.bz  are notorious for offering easy and simple solutions to individuals who would rather download the content for free. DMCA Force has seen its fair share of torrent sites pirating original content and works hard to ensure that the copyright holder’s material doesn’t fall victim to online piracy.

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