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Turning Piracy Problems Into Copyright Resources

No matter how dogged and persistent you are as an enforcer of intellectual property rights, there are certain ‘hard target’ copyright-infringing websites that jordan femme are basically impossible to reach. Operating from countries in which copyright laws and treaties simply are not adhered to, some websites and forums manage to avoid any consequences stemming from their own direct infringement or their blatant piracy-abetting, making them a source of great frustration for rights-holders.

There is often a silver lining to this particular cloud, however, one that might not be so obvious upon first glance. In many cases, although the forums and link lists that point users toward illicit copies of music, movies, video games, etc. cannot be targeted directly, those forums and link lists can serve as valuable information resources for operations like DMCA Force.

Quite often, links on such sites point to infringing files on cyber lockers and other hosting services that do honor take-down requests, because unlike the forums and link lists, those services operate in jurisdictions where ignoring U.S. copyright laws is not a particularly bright idea, because doing so can lead to enormous civil and/or criminal liability for the service provider in question.

Armed with this knowledge, services like ours turn these infringing sites into part of our research tool kit, in the same way our software spiders Google to sniff out infringements that would likely elude us were we doing all of our searching manually. In essence, these facilitators of copyright infringement unknowingly become facilitators of copyright enforcement, as well.

So, if you’re a rights-holder whose blood pressure is spiking in light of egregious infringement on your intellectual property by site operators and users who appear to be beyond the reach of U.S. law, take heart: there is a way to turn that lemon into lemonade, and DMCA Force is here to help you with the squeezing. We understand the relationship between the forums and cyberlockers, the pirates and their accomplices, and we know how to turn your stress into their stress.