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Upmoviz.com Complies with DMCA Force

Since the start of DMCA Force, our company has valued the creative work of countless musicians, authors and film producers. We have always maintained the goal of ensuring that their original content would not become a victim of online piracy and though at times this can be a tough battle, we do take pride in our hard work.

This morning we received news that our hard work had paid off. Some of you may or may not be familiar with the website, Upmoviz.com. The site was known for hosting free movies online and didn’t require much in order to stream their content. That was until today when Upmoviz.com posted this friendly bit on their page.
*Keep in mind, what you are reading below is an email exchange between DMCA Force and Upmoviz.com. The final result was Upmoviz.com posting this exact email on their homepage for visitors to realize, we are not messing around when it comes to online piracy.

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