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Why We Created DMCA Force?

As content owners ourselves, we’ve had the experience of being frustrated and damaged by piracy.air max 95 femme Not being “pirates” ourselves, we were unclear on the best approaches for dealing with piracy and every approach seemed like it was either costly or added to the pain of piracy.

We then made the conscious decision in 2009 to stop being the victim and change our approach with piracy by becoming informed and empowered. We learned about the most advanced technologies in preventing piracy, the legal strengths in our position, and ways to make piracy less profitable for others and even ways to collect damages and monetize piracy attempts.

This revolution for us was truly empowering and wanted other content owners to have a similar experience, but what we found was that many other companies had obstacles to creating a full anti-piracy strategy. These obstacles ranged from financial to technical to even strategic where content owners were concerned that promotional content would be removed if they participated in anti-piracy actions.

So we figured that we needed fill this gap and tear down those obstacles to make a full anti-piracy strategy feasible financially, technically, and strategically for more companies. Our approach is to not treat every client the same, but instead work with your priorities and concerns. Or even in some cases, help clients understand what types of piracy impact their business the most.

We are looking forward to having happy and empowered DMCA Force clients.http://www.yeezyboostadidas.fr

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