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Zoe Lofgren Heads to Reddit to Crowdsource Copyright Reform Ideas

It has often been said that the Internet has collapsed distances and other forms of separation between people, from class and generational gaps to political divides. This week, Rep. Zoe Lofgren, a Democrat who represents the San Jose, California area, is using the Web’s transcendent properties to probe the public mind for ideas on copyright reform, asking Reddit users to help her craft a proposal relating to domain name seizures.

Wherever you might stand on the issue, and whatever you might think of Rep. Lofgren (or of members of Congress, generally) it’s great to see such direct interaction between a politician and the people — including, presumably, a great many people who live nowhere near her home district.

Bravo, Rep. Lofgren! Here’s hoping that Reddit users make the most of this opportunity and provide you with some strong ideas to walk up the Hill.

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