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A Copyright Case That’s Hard to ‘Imagine’

Every once in a while, along comes a bit of Nike Air VaporMax pas cher intellectual property litigation so absurd, so obviously bereft of merit, that it’s hard to even comment on it.

Unless there is whole lot more to the plaintiff’s claims than meets the eye based on the initial reporting about his complaint, this is one such case.

Not surprisingly, The Onion’s AV Club nails my sentiments on this case perfectly:

Of course, as you may surmise from the tardiness of Wardlaw’s lawsuit, the apparently unintentional misspelling of “forest” in the title, the fact you’ve never heard of The Lollipop Forrest [sic] until today, that his creation seems to exist solely as a YouTube trailer uploaded just last year, etc., Wardlaw’s claim that South Park “diminished the value” of his show by having their Lollipop King choked out by a Stormtrooper and bear witness to an act of teabagging makes sense solely in a world of imaginary things. And yet, as “Imaginationland” reminds us, imaginary things are real in Imaginationland, where parody is protected by evil smirking gnomes who are easily thwarted with hugs, and thus Exavier Wardlaw is already an imaginary hero.

Good luck, Matt and Trey — although something tells me you won’t need much luck to defend yourselves from this particular claim, which appears to have even less merit than the infamous “What What in the Butt” complaint.

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