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AT&T Creates New Technology To Detect and Ban Filesharing

Telecom giant AT&T can add one more specialty to its already expanding portfolio, anti-piracy technology. AT&T has been awarded a new patent that will allow the Internet Service Provider to scan its networks for any filesharing users.

The new technology will be able to monitor user behavior and if any unauthorized content appears, the user will be placed in a so called, “risk class” which allows for the ISP to take appropriate action to decrease illegal behavior.

“Although the Internet may provide many useful resources for users, widespread access also provides an avenue for unscrupulous users and/or activities,” states the patent application.

“In this regard, many Internet users do not possess the knowledge and/or sophistication to avoid risks associated with accessing the Internet. Accordingly, many users may fall victim to exploits and/or malicious schemes of undesirable elements on the Internet, such as, for example, hackers. Internet piracy may account for significant bandwidth usage, which may be problematic for a service provider. Thus far, copyright protection measures that have been deployed by, for example, the entertainment industry, have failed to curtail increases in Internet piracy.”

At this point it is unknown when the ISP will implement the new technology or whether it will lease it to other firms. Despite ongoing efforts from industry groups such as the RIAA and MPAA, piracy is still a problem that plagues many copyright holders. In a study released earlier this year by NetNames, almost one-fourth of the total bandwidth used by all Internet users was used to gain access to protected intellectual property. For individuals who are concerned about their original content being pirated, please contact DMCA Force for a complimentary evaluation.

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