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AVForce Digital Fingerprinting Makes Content Ownership Obvious

So, you make some great original content you are the owner, you file a copyright for that content and now, no one else can use it without your permission, right? But get this, there are people out there that would steal your content and either claim it as their own or share it without your permission robbing you of revenue, credit and more. The obvious answer would be to use all the tools at your disposal to stop this before it ever happens. This content is yours and yours alone, you have worked tirelessly to create and done all the legal steps you knew of to keep it safe – except perhaps digitally fingerprinting it with AVForce.

This is a step that content owners often skip over, despite the fact that it makes your content ownership so obvious. As content creators, you should be using all the tools available to prevent your content from being trafficked without your permission. Takedown notices and more are available to you through DMCAForce, which make a powerful tool when paired with digital fingerprint filtering. But again, it can only do its job if you are actually using it.

Having your content fingerprinted with AVForce is not difficult or time-consuming, and it is a wonderful tool in your toolbox! Paired with DMCAForce running a 24/7 spidering system, they will give you a client manager that will file takedown notices for you. These managers will review spidering from websites, hosting services and even social media and advertisers to protect your content.

There are always rumors that online fingerprinting is going to create too many false positives and things will be taken down unnecessarily – but that just isn’t the case. DCMAForce dedicates itself to protecting you and your content, and support digital fingerprinting as another way to double check that your content is only being shared where it should be shared.

DMCAForce with AVForce digital fingerprinting is here for you. We want your content to keep serving you and only you in ways that you approve. Through spidering, client content managers and personalized client dashboards, the power of digital ownership is at your fingertips, but you have to choose to use it.