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DMCA Force Now a Part of NARM

DMCA Force is pleased to announce that we have joined the ranks of the National Association of Recording Merchandisers (NARM), a trade association established back in 1958 to advance the business of music.

So, what is NARM all about? Let’s let NARM speak for itself. The NARM mission statement is as follows:

NARM advances the promotion, marketing, distribution, and sale of music and entertainment by providing its members with a forum for diverse meeting and networking opportunities, information, and education to support their businesses, as well as advocating for their common interests.

NARM happens to be gearing up for its annual Music Biz conference at the moment, which will include a healthy dose of informative sessions sporting titles like “Copyright and Royalties” and “Navigating the Digital Music Licensing Process,” among others.

We’re very pleased to join the NARM family, and we have plenty to contribute to the discussion about the role that intellectual property rights-enforcement can play within the goal of advancing the music business.

Read more about NARM here.