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Google Adds More Detail to its Transparency Report

In a blog post published yesterday by the search giant’s Legal Director, Fred Von Lohmann, Google announced that it is now disclosing the number of scarpe jordan uomo URLs removed from its SERPs on a per-request basis, as well as the number of URLs removed for each website targeted in the take down requests it receives.

Von Lohmann noted a substantial increase in the number of requests Google receives on a daily basis in the months since it first launched the Transparency Report.

“As policymakers evaluate how effective copyright laws are, they need to consider the collateral impact copyright regulation has on the flow of information online,” Von Lohmann wrote. “When we launched the copyright removals feature, we received more than 250,000 requests per week. That number has increased tenfold in just six months to more than 2.5 million requests per week today.”

Poking around the new data provided by Google yields some interesting — and for rights-holders, possibly quite daunting — information. For example, according to the new “specified domains” report, in the last week prior to this post being composed Google has removed nearly 250,000 URLs for the top two sites listed in the report, alone.

Von Lohmann said Google is doing its best to respond to requests quickly, while still trying to avoid mistakes and invalid requests, adding that Google is continuing to “fine tune” its removals process.

“By making our copyright data available in detail, we hope policymakers will be able to see whether or not laws are serving their intended purpose and being enforced in the public interest,” Von Lohmann wrote.http://www.scarpe2016jordan.it/