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Google and Microsoft Join Ad Networks Anti-Piracy Guidelines

Tech giants Google, Microsoft Yahoo and AOL have agreed to join in a campaign that is aimed at preventing ads from promoting piracy and counterfeit goods.
A new document released today titled, “Best Practices Guidelines for Ad Network to Address Piracy and Counterfeiting” outlines the code of conduct in which all of these companies will adhere by. Included in the guidelines is a ‘notice and takedown’ system (similar to DMCA takedown notices) which will reduce the amount of piracy and counterfeit goods being sold online.

Google’s Vice President of Public Policy and Government Relations Susan Molinary stated, “Ad Networks will maintain and post policies prohibiting websites that are principally dedicated to selling counterfeit goods or engaging in copyright piracy from participating in the Ad Network’s advertising programs. By working across the industry, these best practices should help reduce the financial incentives for pirate sites by cutting off their revenue supply while maintaining a healthy Internet and promoting innovation.”

Likewise, Microsoft’s Vice President of US Government Affairs, Fred Humphries said, “An appropriate notice-and-takedown system –  that requires rights holder to identify specific instants of infringement and online services to respond promptly and appropriately to such notices –  can address infringement while still respecting critical values such as fair use, privacy, free speech and the freedom to innovate.”

The guidelines currently only apply to US based ad networks but with Google and Microsoft on board, it is a big step forward for both the White House and copyright holders.

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