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LimeWire Under the Gun, Again, Two Years After its Closure

Having already settled (for a whopping $105 million) with the yeezy scarpe RIAA in 2011, Lime Wire founder Mark Gorton might have to dip into his pockets again to make the case Twentieth Century Fox Film Corp. v. Lime Wire LLC go away.

The plaintiffs in the case, which in addition to Twentieth Century Fox also include Viacom, Disney, Paramount and Warner Bros., have filed for summary judgment in the case, arguing that the “dispositive legal issues” in the case are virtually identical to those of Arista Records LLC v. Lime Group LLC, the case that led to Gorton’s nine digit settlement in 2011.

The plaintiffs in Twentieth Century Fox contend that “well-settled principles of collateral estoppel” dictate that the court should rule in their favor, and grant summary judgment in the case. The complaint also asserts that even if collateral estoppel were not applied in the case, “based on hornbook principles of stare decisis, the ultimate outcome from Arista – a finding of inducement liability against the LW Defendants – could not change.”

“The Arista liability determination did not go to a jury such that a second jury might reasonably come to a different conclusion,” the motion states. “Judge Wood decided liability on summary judgment, finding that the evidence of Defendants’ intent to foster infringement was ‘overwhelming.’ No facts of any consequence have changed.”

Gorton reportedly told Business Week that he hasn’t seen the motion for summary judgment and declined to comment on it. One thing is for sure, though; even though Lime Wire closed up shop almost two years ago, the P2P service’s legal troubles are far from over.http://www.sneaker2018.it/