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Pirates Don’t Stop Stealing Unless You Make Them

fight piracy

The internet is a vast and wonderful place. It is full of ways you can share information, learn about new things, connect with friends and family and even more. But there is a darker side to the internet as well.

Imagine the internet is like the ocean, vast and wide and deep, you are on a boat with all your prized possessions, pictures of family, your original works and content, etc. The comes along the pirates: they steal your photos, your works, and they say it is all theirs and now you’re lost.

What can you do? How can you get them to stop taking your stuff and distributing it without your permission? That’s why the DMCAForce was created: to help you keep your work yoursand to stop people from pirating it costing you revenue, clicks, and more.

Copyrighted content belongs to you, the owner. Your music, books, and art is yours and yours alone. DMCAForce works for you to keep control over your copyrighted content now and for the future. The DMCAForce platform uses proprietary technology to spider (aka scan) over 8k target piracy sites, and is continually updated with sites by the Account Management team including submissions from customers. This ensures your content is safe and secure with weekly scans and reporting.

DMCA is the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. It’s an American law that establishes the rights of creators and owners of their copyrighted materials. This law criminalizes infringement of copyright but also the production and distribution of technology that actively works against the protection of copyright. That means it stops copyright infringement. That infringement is also called piracy and these pirates won’t stop reproducing, distributing, or even selling your work and products unless you take the steps to stop them in their tracks.

DMCAForce service includes the detection of illegal links, distribution of DMCA notifications, and removal of your copyrighted content found on sites without your permission. DMCAForce is also cautious to not remove any content you may have allowed a partner, affiliate or an authorized channel to use via whitelisting. This is essentially an ‘ignore’ function to not flag as illegal and not send a DMCA notice. This saves you the time and money that you could be losing by having to find and address this content on your own..

Let DMCAForce help you stop pirating in its tracks, while letting you focus on your work instead of worrying over stolen content. Let’s work together to keep your copyrighted information safe now and always.

Got questions about protecting your digital assets from copyright infringement?