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US Trade Rep Office Releases Updated ‘Notorious Market’ Review

The Office of the U.S. Trade Representative (USTR) has released its latest “Special 301 Out-of-Cycle Review of air max 97 pas cher Notorious Markets” report, listing both online and physical markets that “exemplify marketplaces that deal in infringing goods and services, facilitating and sustaining global piracy and counterfeiting,” as the USTR put it in its statement published yesterday.

Among the services, link lists and trackers that the USTR pegged as notorious were The Pirate Bay (no real surprise there) the Brazil-focused Baixe de Tudo (which means “download everything” in Portugese), China’s Gougou, the forum Warez-BB, Rapidgator.net, Putlocker, Ex.ua, IsoHunt, Kat.ph, torrentz.eu, Rutracker, Zamunda.net, Arenabg.com, vKontakte, Zing.vn and various clones of Allofmp3.

Striking some familiar notes, Ambassador Kirk noted that piracy and counterfeiting is a problem that “hurts the U.S. economy, harms some of this nation’s most creative and innovative entrepreneurs and companies and threatens jobs for significant numbers of middle-class American workers,” while expressing some optimism in light of recent progress in international cooperation on anti-piracy efforts.

“I applaud the actions that some markets have taken to begin ridding their virtual and physical marketplaces of pirated and counterfeit goods, as well as enforcement actions taken by certain governments that have resulted in the shutdown of several other markets,” Kirk said. “It is through both voluntary and government actions that we will continue to improve the landscape for IPR owners and companies and their workers here at home that rely on IPR protection.”

The full Notorious Markets review can be read here.http://www.jordan5.fr