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YouTube Announces Changes to its Content ID System

Earlier today, YouTube’s Rights Management Product Manager, Thabet Alfishawi, published a blog post outlining a few changes that have been made to YouTube’s Content ID system.

The changes include a new appeals process for users who believe their uploaded videos have been wrongfully flagged as copyright violations, a “smarter detection” of unintentional claims, and improved content matching quality.

The most concrete of the air max 90 homme pas cher  changes appears to be the addition of the new appeals process, which Alfishawi summarizes as follows:

Prior to today, if a content owner rejected that dispute, the user was left with no recourse for certain types of Content ID claims (e.g., monetize claims). Based upon feedback from our community, today we’re introducing an appeals process that gives eligible users a new choice when dealing with a rejected dispute. When the user files an appeal, a content owner has two options: release the claim or file a formal DMCA notification.

Acknowledging that “mistakes can and do happen,” Alfishawi’s post emphasizes YouTube’s desire to create the best balance possible between respect for copyright and the fair use rights of YouTube users alike.

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