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Google Takes Down A Pirate Link Every Eight Seconds

It has been revealed Google takes down more than eight pirate links every second. The record breaking number has been published thanks to Google’s transparency report, which outlines the staggering rise of takedown notices being submitted daily.

The rise of takedown notices has climbed from 3.8 million a week in February of 2013 to 5.3 million in the last week of September. This amount ushers in an increase of 4008% since the first notice was submitted in July of 2011.

Despite recent reports of piracy being beneficial for revenue, copyright holders clearly think otherwise. In the last week of September alone, over 37,000 domains from 5,407 copyright owners were submitted for DMCA takedown removal. If online piracy was not a threat to copyright owners like some reports suggest, then why the dramatic increase of takedown notices?  It is usually assumed only the, ‘Hollywood’ film companies suffer from piracy. In all reality, the independent music labels, software developers, graphic designers and self publishers experience the impact of online piracy too.

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